Google Discover starts showing restaurant recommendations

Google Discover starts showing restaurant recommendations

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Since Google decided to completely renew its feed of news for mobile and baptize it as Google Discover, we have seen how this news aggregator integrated in the Pixel Launcher continued to evolve to become an increasingly complete and convenient system component, which has even broken its barriers to become present in the web version of the search engine.

And is that the news that has been receiving over the weeks – including advertising, which has not been well received by everyone – have turned Google Feed into something more than a feed of news. Now, as explained from Android Police, Discover has begun to show restaurant recommendations based on user interests.

Google Discover starts showing restaurants according to your interests

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As you can see in the images, restaurant recommendations have begun to appear on Google DIscover under a new section called “Inspiration for your next meal out”. In it, appear a Carousel with some restaurants selected by Google according to the interests of each user.

By clicking on each of them, we will be directed to the corresponding page of the restaurant in question in Google, where the usual actions of call, open the website, see the address or navigate with Google Maps. Perhaps it would have been more interesting that, when clicking on the restaurant in Discover, the page of the site in question was directly displayed in the Google maps app.

In the same way as with the rest of the cards that appear in Discover, it will be possible permanently hide and disable this kind of recommendations through the three-point menu located in the upper right. So, the feed stop showing restaurants that might interest us and show only news … and announcements again.

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