For the easiest and most entertaining time in the game

For the easiest and most entertaining time in the game

There are many types of games on Android although personally I am somewhat extremist. Either I install proposals that I play in the long term (for years) or I install games to entertain myself in the dead times. This one that I am talking about today falls into the second category and is that without a doubt Ketchapp is a developer who specializes in this type of games.

Time jump It is a striking and colorful game that invites us to jump unstoppably while controlling time, in two ways.

Jumping and controlling

The reason that the game is called that (Temporary Leap) is because we are in circular phases in which we have to jump to avoid being hit by the hands of a clock that revolve on sleep. Remember children's games like the rope, although here there are more colors.

If we press once on the screen our protagonist (which reminds us a lot of Dumbs ways to die) will jump, avoiding death. The trick is to make a long press, at which time time will slow down, to the Matrix, and we will control more precisely our movements.

This is important because not all needles are the same, nor do they spin at the same speed. Above all, the first is important given that in the smooth we can jump over, but in those with spikes it is better not to do so, at least if we don't want the game to end.

As we increase the number of jumps (that's what the game is about) we will unlock different characters. In the settings we can activate an option so that the different characters appear on the screen every time we make a jump.

Time Jump is a free game although it has ads, which can be removed with a purchase of 3.49 euros, somewhat high. We recommend that you take a look and try it especially when you have little time since the games are not usually very long.