The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

as being the new Blizzard game

Few games have been as relevant in the mobile sector in recent years as Pokémon GO. The bet of Nintendo and Niantic has been one of the most massive that we remember and only historical proposals such as Candy Crush or Angry Birds rival influence.

Of course, after a few frantic months it seems that the fever has dropped but despite that there are many users who continue to play daily. And among them is one of those responsible for Warcraft within Blizzard, one of the most important game developer companies in the world.

In a report published in Kotaku there is talk of a project being carried out by a team of the firm, directed by Cory Stockton. Nothing less than a mobile version of Warcraft, but inspired by Pokémon GO.

Warcraft ft. Pokemon GO

Apparently in the company there are many developers and employees who continue to play Pokémon GO and Cory Stockton himself is a big fan.

The most fun and powerful Hearthstone mallets: special tribes

In fact that has led to the development of a project, which is still in the early stages of its creation, of a game that will be exclusive for mobile phones and will be set in the mythological world of Warcraft, just as others are as HearthStone Although this is not a purely mobile game, although we can enjoy it in mobility.

It will have different functions

Although the central idea will be to make a game similar to Pokémon GO there will be new elements that allow the use of the game individually in the same way that we could play only Warcraft.

Nevertheless, there is still time for us to see how this new game is and surely the success or failure of Blizzard's latest mobile bet, Immortal Devil, will have a lot to do with its development.

And I'm already looking forward to going out to hunt murlocs in ponds and beaches.