The limit is our imagination ...

Add custom gestures to your Android with this powerful application

The arrival of Android Pie meant, among other things, brand new gestures on our devices; something that gave rise to the different implementations of these gestures in the different layers of Android available. And that also opened the door to customization.

It is something in which Android stands out from other mobile systems, the high levels of personalization it treasures. Proof of this is the protagonist of these lines, an application that allows us to create gestures to our needs and taste.


Behind this name hides a powerful tool With which we can not only customize the control gestures, but also add a high level of automation to our device. At each gesture we can associate a series of actions that will run automatically; that we must previously record and save in a very simple way. For this we have three ways to visualize these ¬ęcustom switches¬Ľ.

In this first level of customization we will choose the position, to choose between left, right or the lower zone. And later appearance of the same, having as options the form of cake (similar to the settings of the Nokia camera), a wave effect or a drop effect.

Once we have established this configuration, the application will guide us by an assistant in which we must provide permits for the proper functioning of it. It is advisable to read well the explanations that we will find on the screen and thus avoid getting lost.

The limit is our imagination …

At this point we will find a subtle bar located on the edge from our screen; that when sliding over it will appear according to the chosen aspect. Now comes the most fun, assigning actions to gestures. Here we must make a small point.

The limit is our imagination ...

UbikiTouch has a Free version and a Pro version. The first has all the functionalities except that the number of shares will be limited. This will help us know if we like the application and then consider acquiring the full version of it.

Clarified this aspect, we just have to press the application icon and we will enter its settings. Which are full of options, something good for those who want to personalize in detail; although first it may be a bit overwhelming so wide range.

If we talk about the actions itself that we can use, we will find two types. The ones we can select from a list of default actions, such as multimedia playback controls and the like. The second and most interesting is the power record our own actions.

We must grant permission if we want to be able to use gestures

To do this we will select the option to record an action that will be associated with a particular gesture. Then we just have to perform the steps we want They run automatically and voila. In a simple gesture we can make our device switch between different sound modes or more elaborate tasks.

The good of UbikiTouch is that it is in Spanish, so that the aids and assistants will understand them without too many problems. Something necessary since we have to have a little patience to extract all the potential that it puts in our hands. What are you waiting for to customize the gestures of your smartphone?