we already have here its first beta for developers

we already have here its first beta for developers

We hope that this week new beta versions of iOS 13 and other operating systems will come out next month, but of course what we did not expect with the versions of those beta. Apple has launched the first beta for iOS / iPadOS 13.1 developers.

No, I have not been wrong. We still have the beta 8 of iOS and iPadOS 13, and now at the same time we also have the beta 1 of iOS and iPadOS 13.1. Developers can test their applications in both versions, they choose the one they want to install. IOS and iPadOS 13 are expected to launch in September, and we suspect that iOS and iPadOS 13.1 will arrive in October as it may contain an important and necessary novelty for the launch of some new device or service.

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What beta did I install?

At the moment, from MacRumors they have found in the documentation the suggestion that iOS / iPadOS 13.1 reinstates some functions removed from version 13.0 (perhaps the developers have not had time to finish them) in addition to resuscitating the automation of the Shortcuts application.

Anyway, you have to launch an important warning: if you install the beta of iOS or iPadOS 13.1 you will not be able to install the stable version of iOS or iPadOS 13.0 as soon as it comes out next month. You will have to continue with the beta of version 13.1 until it appears stably. In other words: if you want to install iOS / iPadOS 13.0 stable next month it is best that you do not install these new betas. To make it clear, beta 1 of iOS / iPadOS 13.1 is not equivalent nor is beta 9 of iOS / iPadOS 13.0. This is still pending launch.

In addition to these betas, Apple has also launched the ninth beta of watchOS 6 and the seventh beta of Xcode 11. As always, we recommend that six patients and wait a few more weeks to the final versions unless you are completely sure of what you do and assume full responsibility.

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