Unveiled its official release date of the Mario Kart Tour game

Unveiled its official release date of the Mario Kart Tour game

Almost by surprise, this has been the announcement of the new game that Nintendo take to mobile terminals. The specific development is Mario Kart Tour, and the Asian company has confirmed that it will be next month When can it be achieved? This work on devices with iOS and Android operating system.

The truth is that this is not expected to be announced now, but the Asian company has shown that it intends to continue transferring the titles it has with the well-known plumber of protagonist to the mobile devices to, in this way, become one of the protagonists in the application stores for the two operating systems most used today, such as from Apple and Google (although not in this order).

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By the way, in the message that Nintendo has published there is a detail that is quite important: it is possible check in to know more details regarding the arrival as they are known until the free set up for download, and this can be obtained in a link that has indicated the signature on Twitter. Mario Kart Tour is expected to be a game of free download, and that inside it includes purchase options (microtransactions) as it has already become very common in the different developments that are launched on the market and that has proven to be an excellent income platform.

Mario Kart Tour mobile game

Mario Kart Tour has been working on it for a long time and is already dated

The trial version, to which some users are targeted and admitted, has been in operation since the beginning of the year 2019. And, it seems, the Asian firm has reached a point of maturing the efficient game for a specific day. in which you can download Mario Kart Tour: the next September 25, so it takes less than a month to enjoy this work on phones and tablets. We will see if this development changes a trend that is not triumphant in the games that has Mario as protagonist – in the mobile device market -, since many believe that this time it is achieved due especially to the multiplayer options This work will have a great impact.

Apart from this, the simplicity of use is transferred from portable consoles to smartphones, and for what has been known to date by leaks, it points to some quality graphics and a very good experience (especially with regard to handling). We will see what happens, but what is clear is that Mario Kart Tour is just around the corner to be a reality in mobile terminals and, sure, that more than one is looking forward to it.

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