The most beautiful and hilarious game you should play this weekend

The most beautiful and hilarious game you should play this weekend

The Amanita Design studio has announced the arrival of its latest Android game. CHUCHEL is a new studio game that has already conquered us with games like Machinarium or Bonaticula. A game that if you love humor and puzzles will become a must see.

The latest game from the creators of Machinarium is already on Android

Rare is the occasion when it comes to talking about a game and in the end you end up talking about the study He developed it. To understand why we came to talk about CHUCHEL while we are downloading the app itself, we would have to understand how a game that you have not heard of should never be on your mobile (or on your PC).

According to the creators, the goal of the game is to recover the cherry, and the reward is a lot of fun.

In the same way that if you are a Nintendo fan do not doubt that the next Zelda game is going to be a masterpiece, if you are a fan of puzzle games you should consider any title that Amanita Design launches on the market.

Why? His best cover letter is his previous games:

It is not necessary to play them to understand that the visual style of the Amanita boys is taken care of with an extraordinary care. They are games that show the best face of graphic adventures, enter through the eyes, intrigue you and conquer you.

One of the scenes honors the famous Angry Birds.

They are titles that do not bombard you with advertisements or restrict you with an artificial difficulty to make you go through the box repeatedly (yes you must pay to be able to play them since they must somehow make a living). Here the only difficulty is in the Puzzle games that you will have to overcome with your ingenuity.

That said, CHUCHEL not only inherits the best of Amanita's study, but amplifies it with a lot of humor. Not only will it conquer you visually, it will also be able to get you more than one smile. It is a game that you can enjoy alone, but also enjoyed a lot in the company. A highly recommended game to play with your children, little cousins. And with adult people too.

It is a game for all audiences that you can play alone, or in good company.

As we have said, CHUCHEL is not a free game, the Android version costs the "modest" price of 4.49 euros. It seems a lot if you are used to free to play games, but Android is the system where you can get it at the best price. In the iOS AppStore you can get CHUCHEL at 5.49 euros, and on PC / Mac / Steam you can enjoy exactly the same game at a price of 9.99 euros.

And with that said, I'm going to enjoy CHUCHEL for a while, which has already been downloaded.