The best camera apps for your Android mobile

The best camera apps for your Android mobile

With such a key aspect in today's mobile phones, the camera is sure that this is something you look with magnifying glass when purchasing a new phone. Or it may not be so important to you; for more than hitting the button and getting a great photo is always important. Be that as it may, not all camera applications are up to par of what the phone can get; hence it is a good idea to have alternatives.

In general, the camera applications brought by Android phones offer more than enough features for day to day. Automatic photos with the press of a button, portraits with variable bokeh, panoramic, video recording… Serial apps are usually enough, but they don't always meet all expectations. And we have other camera applications That can become your favorite.

Not enough with the app that comes with your phone? No problem, let's see how you can improve the photos you take with your mobile. Or get more juice to your camera with manual controls, more capture modes …

Open camera

The best camera apps for your Android mobile

It is one of our generic alternatives to the camera of any smartphone: Open camera It offers endless options, often professional. The interface is not the best in the world, but it is a super powerful and, importantly, open source application. This implies that it is constantly improving and with community support: it is an excellent choice.

Open Camera offers a lot of controls and camera modes, including the macro or HDR. It is somewhat rough and has too many adjustments, are its only drawbacks. For the rest, it is an extremely versatile application.

Manual Camera

The best camera apps for your Android mobile

This application is really good, although it has a drawback: to use it 100% it is necessary that your mobile has the Camera2 API. In general, the latest phones usually include it, but it does not hurt to make sure before purchasing Manual Camera Since this app is paid: check if it will work with this test application.

If you have the camera API with Manual Camera You will have a simple application, very complete and with all the adjustable functionalities, such as a «pro» camera. Adjust the focus, shutter time, has saved in RAW, overprints the histogram … And makes very good photos: its quality is at a good level. Of course, it is worth 3.39 euros.


This is another one of those camera applications that point to maximum manual controls. Of course, as in the case of Manual Camera, Proshoot needs the Camera2 API for all controls and options to work. We recommend you try it and, if it does not work on your smartphone, you can return it without Google charging you.

Proshoot It is an excellent camera application, as versatile as it is complete. It has simple controls and a somewhat confusing interface to which you have to adapt. Histogram, level, saved in RAW, different shooting modes … And a fairly good processing quality: With Proshoot you can improve photo capture on your mobile, also the video recording. The only drawback is the price: 3.99 euros.

The Nokia camera

The best camera apps for your Android mobile

Do you like the camera that mobile phones bring Nokia? You can include it on your Android with the cover capture application. It is quite universal, so it should work without too many complications on your smartphone. And it includes manual controls in addition to bringing different «Animojis».

The ADapting the camera from Nokia to other Android phones It's almost a year old, but it's still working correctly on most phones. And it opens the door to a huge amount of photographic options, professional mode included. To install it in the form of Apk just download it from the following link. It is a secure app, you can access the thread of its development in XDA Developers.