Shazam now recognizes the music that plays in your applications

Shazam now recognizes the music that sounds in your applications

Even though that him song recognition now it is universal since it is enough to use Google Assistant To know what music plays in the environment, there is no name that identifies this action as clearly as Shazam. The recognition app was one of the first to provide this option to our mobiles. Almost like magic: a few seconds are enough to "shazamear" any song. Now also what sounds on the mobile.

Maybe you thought that Shazam he would lose appeal after he bought it Manzana, but no: the application continues to innovate within Android. And it proves it with a function called Shazam Pop-Up: identification of the songs that are playing on the mobile. Or what is the same: we will know what music the other applications use.

With Shazam Pop-Up you will identify any song that sounds on your phone

Shazam now recognizes the music that plays in your applications

The new function of the app is now operational, so you can use it without any complications: just update your Shazam or install it again. You do not need to login or register for the service: it works as a persistent notification It activates a floating balloon to recognize smartphone music.

To activate Shazam Pop-Up, the new internal recognition function, you just have to carry out the following process:

  • Open Shazam and scroll to the left of the screen, to the «My shazam«.
  • Click on the cogwheel in the upper left area of ​​the screen.
  • Look at the option of Shazam Pop-Up and activate it.
  • Accept the message and you will have a persistent notification on your phone with the aforementioned Pop-Up.
  • Click on the notification to activate the recognition bubble.
  • Once the music of other apps is playing, click on the Shazam bubble and it will identify the songs by saving them in your recognition list.

Shazam now recognizes the music that plays in your applications

With Pop-up you don't need to use another mobile to recognize what sounds in the applications since Shazam now analyzes the internal audio of the smartphone. It is very simple to use and also works quite well. At least according to our first tests.

Shazam Pop-Up It is already active in the application, just update or download the latest version from Google Play.