Rush Wars is the new Supercell bomb, the creators of Clash Royale

Rush Wars is the new Supercell bomb, the creators of Clash Royale

Rush Wars

If you like fun, addictive and multiplayer mobile games … you are in luck because Supercell, creators of the successful sper Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, just announced a bomb news on their Twitter account: his new title called Rush Wars which, like its predecessors, intends to burst the download counters of the different application stores.

Although many of the details of the game are unknown to date, the title maintains the same artistic style as the rest of Supercell games. From what is seen in the video, the idea is to create a squad of characters that we will possibly be unlocking while playing – or understanding them – with the aim of assaulting rival gold mines. Also, in addition to attacking we will also have to worry about defending our own mine. In summary, we are faced with a title that combines both the best of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

So far, Supercell has only announced that there will be a beta for Canadian, Australian and New Zealand countries So we still do not have an official date, although everything indicates that we will not have to wait long to enjoy this new mobile game

Like all Supercell games, Rush Wars will also have microtransactions ranging from 1.09 euros per item up to 109.99 euros. Surely the purchases will be to acquire new and more powerful troops or buy better defenses for the mine so it is clear that players who pay money will advance faster in Rush Wars.

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In spite of all the problems that this type of games drag, especially integrated purchases, we are sure that Rush Wars be an absolute success. Therefore, if you like this type of games stay tuned or even better, if any of you live in Canada, New Zealand or Australia, take a look at the beta or choose one of these other games that we recommend.

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