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Postvacational syndrome? Forget about it thanks to Spotify and the most listened songs of this summer

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Summer comes to an end and September is just around the corner. We have made numerous trips with or without our mobile, we have uploaded all the photos of our destinations on Instagram with a lot of posturing and we have gone many times to the pool, although it is recommended not to take the smartphone to it.

And even if there are few days left to return to the routine … luckily there is a way to extend the summer and even make it never end, listening to music. And for this we have Spotify, the most popular streaming music service with millions of users throughout everything that has decided to share with all of us what have been the most listened to songs this summer. What heat!

May the summer never end! These have been the most listened to songs this summer in 2019

As we can read on the Spotify blog, The most listened to and played song this summer 2019 on Spotify has been “Miss” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. The international success has been reproduced a total of 565 million times since its launch last June staying in the Top 50 of Spotify for eight consecutive weeks.

Of course other songs and artists have not been left behind as Ed Sherran and Justin Bieber with their hit “I Don’t Care”, this being the second most popular summer song followed by "bad guy" by Billie Eilish.

We leave you the list of the 20 most heard songs on Spotify this summer in which we can find all kinds of different styles and artists for all tastes.

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