Pokémon GO will release the coaches' battles soon

Pokmon GO is updated with battles between coaches

Two weeks ago we brought you the news that we were finally going to be able to compete between players in the well-known Pokémon GO. This was one of the most anticipated features of a game that is still very much alive since they were one of the most emblematic options of the old games and that also attracted attention also in the animated series.

This new game option will not be available to all judges, but only for those with a level 10 or higher, something that will be like this to prevent beginners from getting frustrated in fighting before even knowing how to master the game. At the beginning it was designed for the level 40 but Niantic has been good to lower the bar.

There are three different leagues

Pokémon GO will release the coaches' battles soon

It is clear that in Pokémon GO not all players have the same level and that, when hunting a Pokémon it shows, but when facing each other it can even be a problem.

That is why Niantic has established three competition leagues so that all players can fight on equal terms. These will be the available categories:

  • Super Ball League: for Pok√©mon with a maximum CP of 1500.
  • Ultra Ball League: for Pok√©mon with a maximum of 2500 CP.
  • Master Ball League: unlimited fighting in the Pok√©mon CP.

We can play against people who are close to us, either because we have them in the list of friends or because we use the new QR code function to engage in combat.

There is an exception to this proximity rule. If we have reached the Ultra level or Best Friends we can compete with our friends even at a distance. In any case, it is also possible to compete against coaches controlled by artificial intelligence, in case we do not find anyone in our area.

To fight in the fighting we must launch our main attack when we deem it convenient, by pressing on the screen to reload it. We can also use protective shields to defend ourselves, although they are not unlimited.