Mario Kart Tour already has release date and official gameplay

Mario Kart Tour already has release date and official gameplay

Mario Kart Tour Android

Nintendo unveiled its plans to present a version of Mario Kart for Android and iOS over a year ago. At first it was March as the month in which it will be available, but we had to wait a few more months. After the delay, the Japanese firm has finally given a date.

As they posted on the game's Twitter account, Mario Kart Tour be available from September 25. The pre-registration period has also been opened, so you can go through the official Mario Kart Tour page to be among the first when the time comes.

Less than a month for the arrival of Mario Kart Tour

To be able to register you just have to create a Nintendo account and link it to the game, it's very simple. As they point out in the tweet, if you want to know more details, just visit their website, where you will find all the news and videos.

However, the announcement of the presentation is not the only thing we have, The Nintendo Mobile account on YouTube has posted a gameplay. It's only 30 seconds that leave us wanting more, but we can see part of the route of some circuits that take us to the beach and the city.

Nintendo is aware of the importance of mobile games today, Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World attest to that. But nevertheless, missing one more step, Mario Kart is one of the most popular and beloved sagas. We will only have to wait another month to enjoy it.

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