Is Chrome slow? So you can make it fly

Is Chrome slow? So you can make it fly

It is an obvious fact that Google Chrome It has become the star browser for users. And, the solution created by the giant based in Mountain View is highly valued thanks to the large number of features it offers. Although, it has two problems: the high consumption of RAM, and that the speed of the Internet is sometimes not the best.

Keep in mind that, the speed at which you can surfing the Internet It depends on a multitude of factors, such as the stability of your WiFi signal, or the status of your Ethernet port, going into problems with your browser. Luckily, if the last case is your situation, we have the best solution.

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And is that, Web boost It is one of the best extensions to increase the speed when browsing using Chrome. Yes, Google's browser usually works really well, but with this improvement, it will fly faster than ever.

Web Boost interface

This is how Web Boost works the best extension to navigate quickly in Chrome

Obviously, no extension is going to improve the internet speed of your computer in a magical way. But, I know that you can apply some other trick to offer you a better experience, reducing loading times on the website. And this is precisely what this Chrome extension does.

To do this, Web Boost applies smart caching techniques, In addition to removing trackers that ballast the user experience when you browse the Internet, regardless of whether you use Google Chrome or any other application.

Explained more easily, what it does is save the building blocks from any web page. You may have stayed the same, so we will translate. All web pages use this system of blocks when loading their contents.

By avoiding certain data packets, web pages load faster

What it does Web boost is to avoid these charges, so you can offer faster navigation in Chrome. The truth is that, we have been testing this extension and we have noticed an improvement in the loading times of the web pages that we have opened in the Google browser.

So, considering that this Chrome extension It's totally free, we recommend you try it. It doesn't bother in the bookmarks bar, and Web Boost works much better than you imagine. What are you waiting to install this add-on?

Install Web Boost in Google Chrome

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