Galaxy Note 10, Android Q and Pixel 4: The possible surprise features

Galaxy Note 10, Android Q and Pixel 4: The possible surprise features


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will arrive in a body with very striking gradient color.

Ishan Agarwal

The first half of 2019 is over and with this, the launch of the Galaxy Note 10, Android Q and the Google Pixel 4.

Samsung has already confirmed that it will present its next cell phones Galaxy Note on August 7, Google has already enabled multiple beta versions of Android Q and the final version is expected to arrive in the coming months. In addition, Google has already confirmed the design of the back of the Pixel 4.

With so many rumors, we can already have a little clear what to expect from these cell phones and the operating system, but here we compile the main novelties or surprises that each of these could have with what is known or rumored today.

Surprising features of the Galaxy Note 10

More colorful

Recent Galaxy Note 10 images and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus revealed that Samsung will launch them with a white or silver gradient color that turns purple and seawater green.

Without cardaco rhythm sensor

From the Galaxy S5 Samsung has integrated a heart rate sensor in its flagship phones and it seems that the Galaxy Note 10 will end this tradition, at least according to those filtered images.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus with ToF

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus will be larger than the Note 10, but it will also integrate a fourth rear camera that appears to be a flight time or ToF (Time of Flight, in English) that will allow you to better detect the depth of objects, just like the one Samsung placed on the Galaxy S10 5G.

This sensor will not only allow better photos with blurred background or with effects, but it will surely allow up to record video with blurred background.

Note 10 5G with more storage than the S10 5G

The Galaxy S10 5G was available in 256GB and 512GB versions, but according to the SamMobile blog the Galaxy Note 10 will be available not only with these storage options but also with up to 1TB.

This is important especially because it is expected that the Galaxy Note 10 5G does not have a microSD slot like the others, possibly to integrate the antennas and the necessary hardware to be compatible with 5G, just as the Galaxy S10 5G did.

Surprises of Android Q

Start with black background

With Android Q beta 5, the animation when you turn on cell phones (at least some Pixel) will now have a black background instead of white.

Gestures to open Google Assistant

Android Q also now allows Google Assistant to be activated by swiping your finger from one of the bottom corners of the cell phone and not simply by pressing and holding the Start button as it has been so far.

Recent apps sliding left or right

Android Q improves gesture navigation to switch between recent apps by swiping the Android navigation bar to the right or left.

Troubled Launchers

Google revealed that as of Android Q beta 6, users who install a launcher Third, force the navigation buttons of Android to be the traditional three, without offering the possibility to change them for the gestures that have been available from Android Pie and the new ones from Android Q.

Google has not made it clear that this is a definitive move, but we hope it is not so because they will force us to choose between a launcher or navigations by gestures.

Pixel 4

Three rear cameras

Although Google published the first image of Pixel 4 a few weeks ago, recent photos leaked by @oneleaks offer more details of the back, as well as other parts of the phone.