Galaxy A40, A50 and M20

Galaxy A40, A50 and M20

In recent weeks Samsung is increasing its sales, mostly by two factors. The first is that it is creating terminals with a better value for money than we saw last year. The new Galaxy M and Galaxy A fall into this category.

The second is the doubt that many users have about buying Chinese mobiles. We have already clarified that none of the Huawei that are in the stores will have problems with the updates and other brands such as Xiaomi or OPPO have not even been affected.

But if you are looking for a new mobile and you are sure that it is a Samsung, we bring you three offers from 200 and 300 euros They will tempt you.

Samsung Galaxy A50

The first of the models we recommend is a terminal that we could try a few weeks ago and left us with very good feelings. It stood out for its design, weight, battery and for maintaining the headphone jack, something that its competitors did not always have. It also includes a triple wide angle rear camera.

The normal price is 349 euros but now it is on Amazon to 289 euros.

Samsung Galaxy A40

The second proposal is more current. We were able to try it in Milan briefly at the presentation event of the Galaxy A80 and I especially liked it for its size and for keeping the wide angle in the rear camera. If you are looking for a small mobile, it is your choice.

Its sale price is 249 euros but now it is on offer, just over 206 euros.

Samsung Galaxy M20

And if what we prioritize is the battery (it has 5000 mAh) and we do not take many photos it is possible that we like the Galaxy M20, another terminal that we analyzed at the time and that we recently faced the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.

It is the one that has lowered the price but still has an interesting cost.

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