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FOUR "Apps" to lose weight and be fit in a healthy way

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Summer is about to end and the excesses are noticeable in our body (and mind). So much food without control, those beers or cold drinks, pecking between meals, dinner until one thousand in the pool with friends and endless other things that have made us lose control of what we eat / drink and have gained some weight.

To help you recover good customs quickly, In our first post-summer article we present FOUR applications which, when used together, will become essential to take care of you both inside and out. You may have gone through sites with infinite listings of weight loss apps that nobody has tried, but We have been analyzing and using FOUR apps with which to lose weight and be fit in a healthy way, with which you can improve your appearance and your health in less time than you imagine.

Four Apps to lose weight and be fit in a healthy way.

Yuka: A food scanner with which to know exactly the composition of what we put in our mouths. Simply scan the barcode and we will discover not only if it is excellent, good, bad or mediocre what we are eating, but what additives it contains, what they are and how they affect our health. It also has for those bad foods, with a product recommender Similar. And the best thing is that it also applies to cosmetic products, creams and more … you will see how much "crap" have the things we buy.

Yazio: One of the best counters of calories of the App Store. A free application (it also has a paid version full of recipes and tips), in which we can enter the products we eat manually or by scanning the bar codes, to know exactly what amount of fats, hydrates or proteins we are eating.

Green kitchen: One of the biggest problems when eating well, is knowing how to prepare our food, and if we talk about cooking vegetables and vegetables the thing gets even more complicated, for which Green Kitchen is very helpful. An application full of all kinds of super healthy recipes with which to recover and improve our body on the outside, but especially on the inside.

Nike training Club: Eating well, we have half the work done, but we will need to exercise to burn accumulated fat, strengthen muscles, protect joints and ultimately be physically well. NTC comes full of exercise with and without machines, to do at home, the gym or wherever we want. It is enough to explore between your different exercises well by muscle group as zones or types of training (including Yoga and stretching) download the session and do the steps that indicate us. We can even create a training program for a whole month to get hard as rocks.

Using these FOUR applications together we can control and improve both what we eat, and the exercise we need to be in top form. If you do not know (or do not want to find out) losing weight is always a matter of TWO factors: Food and Exercise, so it is absurd to want to lose weight simply by stopping eating. On the one hand you will look like a wrinkled raisin if you do not work the muscles, while on the other you will have the dreaded rebound effect.

It's about doing things right to get out of the slimming-fattening loop, getting healthy habits that serve us for a lifetime, and that now thanks to these FOUR Apps to lose weight and be fit, we can gradually improve them.