FHD, Intel Core and 12h battery for $ 399

FHD, Intel Core and 12h battery for $ 399

Habemus new Chromebook and it is the best to date. It does not reach the quality of the Chromebook Pixel, which plays in another league, but it does have a simple but careful design, decent specifications for 2015 and an exceptional battery.

Its about Dell Chromebook 13, a laptop with a 13-inch screen, IPS technology with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). It does not have a touch screen like the Chromebook Pixel although a variant has been announced that will bring it, at a higher price.

Dell Chromebook 13, the best Chromebook in quality / price to date

The model has a sober design, focused on the professional world, does not have premium materials since it is plastic but in the photos a more solid construction is intuited than the current Chromebooks of less than two hundred dollars.

Inside we have a processor 5th generation Intel, Broadwell Core i5 or i7, accompanied by 4GB or 8GB and 16GB or 32GB. We will also have USB 3.0 (no Type-C), HDMI, backlit keyboard and SD reader.

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Promises a Battery up to 12 hours of autonomy. This is on paper, although if it meets more or less we will have enough to take it away from home and endure a full day's work.

All this we can get from $ 399, the most basic version with i5, 16GB and 4GB although even with this configuration it is already more powerful than most Chromebooks we have seen to date. The most powerful models with a touch screen can be up to 800 dollars, although the final price table is not available. It will be on sale in the US and Canada from September 17, we will wait for the import channels or some new announcement to know if we can get one.

Chrome OS may be a limited system, but for those who work in the cloud is enough. I would not make it my main computer but it would be an excellent secondary actor that will satisfy my needs if I am away. What do you think?

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