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Brawl Stars, from the creators of Crash Royale, now available to everyone

If we had to choose the biggest mobile game developers we would have no doubt that in the top 5 we would place Supercell. The company is not too prolific because it only has a handful of published games, but they are all real money machines. And that their apps are free, which supports them twice.

Supercell It puts a special dedication in each of its products and never leaves them abandoned. Each update is measured in detail, each game that is released to the market is thoroughly tested to be just what players expect. And so it has happened with Brawl stars, the latest Supercell game that lands universally on Android, also on iOS.

It is not a game alien to the most experienced since there were ways to play it even though it was not officially available: the localized launch allowed access to 3c3 battles using some "tricks", such as the always welcome VPNs. But now it's over and You can now play Brawl Stars without any complications. Of course, progress in the game is not so simple …

Multiplayer three-to-three matches with different game modes

Brawl Stars, from the creators of Crash Royale, now available to everyone

Brawl Stars is a Freemium game of excellent quality that maintains an excellent balance between the difficulty and all the evolution necessary to achieve the improvements with which to advance in level. The approach is simple: the game throws you to a screen with five other players. Two teams are formed and you have to see who wins. The victory of each team will depend on the skill, and the level of each player.

One of the advantages is that they exist various game modes, so it is difficult to get bored with Brawl Stars. There is also a huge amount of people playing, so games are always available. Especially now since global access has been opened.

Brawl Stars, from the creators of Crash Royale, now available to everyone

Atrapagemas, Survival, Starfighter, Heist… The different selectable modes face the six players in search of different objectives. And the victory will not only be a matter of skill, but also of intelligence: the strategy when choosing the equipment, the brawlers or the attacks greatly influence how the action is triggered. This is exciting and addictive: playing once is almost impossible.

Brawl Stars, a free game that aims to become the star of 2019

Yes Brawl stars Already hoped expectation despite the limited distribution from now on the rise in popularity aims to be exponential. The game is very worthwhile, entertains as few. And it's free despite the pressure for purchases; what they are not essential to progressSupercell knows how to calibrate this aspect very well in all its games.

As we said Brawl Stars is already in the Google Play Store worldwide: you just have to go to the Android app store to download it. Brawlear!