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An ideal complement for musicians

An ideal complement for musicians

ScalesModes for iPad on the App Store

It goes without saying that our iPad helps us for many of our professional tasks. Therefore, music also has its importance within the range of applications we can find. Scales & Modes for iPad is a formidable tool for musicians which offers extensive information on scales and musical modes.

When we open the application we find the musical modes and the possibility of choosing the tone in which we want the application to show us.

Once the tone is chosen, we can reproduce the scale and show ourselves, either the notes of a piano or the neck of a guitar to serve as a guide and we can practice it. In addition we can control the reproduction speed of the scale.

Finally, we can consult a brief description of the way we have practiced and shows us some famous songs in which the artist or group used the mode in question.

As vis, an interesting and practical tool for those who dedicate yourself to music and love perfect and research on scales and musical modes.

SacalesModes for iPad is available in the App Store at a price of 159.

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