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All the gadgets you need to go back to school

All the gadgets you need to go back to school

Everything good ends. When entering the summer vacations you look from afar the date on which to return to the routine of studies. Whether you are a primary, secondary or university student, all you want is for the day you have to return to the classroom to arrive as late as possible. But unfortunately, that day comes.

But as it happened when I was little, that you partly wanted to start school to release that new color box, it can happen with a few more years. A new tablet or accessories to use when going to class can make the "Back to School" more bearable.

Today we will collect the most interesting gadgets and devices with those who return to the routine of studies. From a student to students.

PowerBanks, arrive at the end of the day without problems

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<p>There are days when you spend all day in college. Classes in the morning and practices in the afternoon or vice versa. The point is that you spend all day in college and your mobile or tablet suffers at the end of the day. Therefore, going with a well-charged external battery these days is a great solution. You will not have to go looking for plugs like a zombie some brains.</p>
<p>We leave you below the best external batteries in the market. At least that is what I think I have the <strong>Powerbank</strong> 10,400mAh ..</p>
<p>Xiaomi PowerBank 10</p>
<p>Aukey 3,000 mAh cylindrical design</p>
<p>Aukey 8,000 mAh compact design</p>
<h2>Wireless keyboards, typing on the screen is far from comfortable …</h2>
<p style=nexus 9 keyboard

If you have a tablet that you usually take to class and you like to take notes with it, you may have noticed that the screen keyboard is not a good option when you want to take notes quickly. For this there are some wireless keyboards via bluetooth that can be used to optimize and streamline your writing with the tablet.

Logitech K400 keyboard

Cheap Bluetooth keyboard

Logitech Ultrathin keyboard

Stylus for tablets, take freehand notes

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<p>The tablets can also be used to take freehand notes. Thanks to the touch stylus we can do it. But not only take notes but make notes on documents that we already have. For example, I used ezPDF to annotate and underline my notes.</p>
<p>We have added one for iPad that syncs via bluetooth. We know that many of our readers prefer an Android smartphone and an iOS tablet. Therefore we recommend the Bamboo Stylus Fineline because it gives magnificent results.</p>
<p>AmazonBasics tablet stylus</p>
<p>Stylus for Wacom CS-100 tablet</p>
<p>Stylus for Adonit Jot PRO tablet</p>
<h2>Economical and perfect tablets to carry your notes</h2>
<p style=nexus 9 screen

If you want to start the school year with enthusiasm and you are rethinking buy a new one tablet where to store notes and others, here we leave you three of the best with Android and cheap. Although the Nexus 9 can be considered somewhat more expensive ..

The BQ Aquaris E10 is a great option with its FullHD panel and its 10 inches, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet is undoubtedly the best to keep it standing and follow the teacher's explanation with the notes in front. And of course, the Nexus 9 because it belongs to the Nexus range.

BQ Aquaris E10

Google Nexus 9

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2

Chromebooks, cheap laptops

Chromebook 15_top cover

On the contrary, if what you are looking for is an economical laptop to use during the course, a good option is the Chromebooks. Computers manufactured hand in hand with Google, with a light and stable operating system, and especially with an economical price.

Acer Chromebook CBS-571

Toshiba Chromebook CB30-B-103

Backpacks for computer and with many compartments

colfax backpack

For those days you spend all day in college is when your suitcase is really loaded. Chargers for mobile, laptop charger, food to spend lunch there, notes and a very long etcetera. For this there are the special suitcases to transport computers that also come equipped with many compartments Where to store things and have everything well organized. Here are the ones we liked the most.

Belkin computer case

Amazon Basics computer case

Samsonite computer case

Cooler computer case

Extra: Best apps for tablets and students

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<p>Best apps to take advantage of a tablet</p>
<p>Turn your tablet into a computer capable of everything</p>
<p>Best applications for students</p>
<p>Best applications to use with stylus</p>