You can now download the new Xiaomi Poco Launcher 2.0

You can now download the new Xiaomi Poco Launcher 2.0

When Xiaomi introduced us to its new brand, Poco, the terminal came with a surprise in the software. Yes, it had MIUI as an Android interface above the corresponding version of Android, but its desks were not the same as we saw in Xiaomi.

The reason is that I used a new launcher, called Poco Launcher, and now this application is updated to version 2.0 in the Google Play Store.

Slight aesthetic changes for now

The novelties of this new version are focused on improving the fluidity of movements when we move on desks, especially when we move the screen to open the application drawer, as seen in the video.

We also have new customization options in the settings of this application, which allow us to change the wallpaper color of this app drawer between a light one, a dark one or the one that defaults the system.

Another novelty is that we can assign a transparency to that area, with a selector that appears in the same setting.

We can also manage the application groups by clicking on any blank space in the application drawer, in addition to organizing these sections from the settings.

You can now download the new Xiaomi Poco Launcher 2.0

Other features are also maintained, such as being able to put a red circle on the icons of applications that have pending notifications to read, or being able to use icon packs that we can download from the Google Play Store or from the Xiaomi app store, The Mi Store.

The version of Poco Launcher 2.0 that we must install is the beta, for which we must register in the test program, accessible from this link.