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Xiaomi Gamepad, you will want to play

Xiaomi Gamepad, te van a entrar ganas de jugar

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<p style=Here in Pro Android we gave you the news of the event that Xiaomi had prepared to present something related to Gaming, and it has been like this, Xiaomi Gamepad

Xiaomi has presented its new Bluetooth Gamepad with a price of around 13. A remote that you will not normally buy, but it is another Xiaomi product that attracts mainly for its price.

The utility of the Gamepad not only stays in have a better experience playing, also to use it with a SmartTV since it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It can also be complemented with the Xiaomi Mi Boxmini, which I present a few days ago.

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<p style=Without at doubt it is A great option against the competition. Price, simplicity in the design and functionalities is what makes it form a habitual product of this Chinese company. A clear example of this are the devices that I present this month, Xiaomi Note and Xiaomi Note PRO.

At the moment there is no way to acquire it, nor do we know the exact price, but hopefully soon we will find some international distributor of the Xiaomi Gamepad. Although in China if you are one of the first 300 to acquire it be at a price of 1 yuan what to change equals 1 cent.

Do you use Gamepads to play with your tablets or Smartphone?