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Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation

It is not the first time that the Chinese manufacturer presents a product of this type. But, this time the Asian firm has surprised us with some Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones They have a very interesting feature: its noise cancellation system, ideal for listening to your favorite songs wherever you want without the environment bothering you.

In this case, the manufacturer has opted for a collar system. What does it consist of? As you can see in the different images that accompany these lines, this system allows you to place these Bluetooth headphones on your shoulder, so you always carry them on. The helmets have a cord, made of kevlar, which allows you to store them when you are not using them.

In addition, their heads are made of metal, ideal to prevent them from being scratched after some accidental blow, in addition to having a small magnet that allows you to join both headphones to wear them more comfortably. We cannot forget its control knob, located on one of the sides, to be able to raise and lower the volume much more comfortably. To conclude with the design section, say that this model does not exceed 50 grams, so you won't notice or wear them.

Xiaomi noise canceling Bluetooth headphones

Features of the new Xiaomi noise canceling Bluetooth headphones

And eye, that the new system of wireless headphones from XiaomiNot only does it have an attractive design, but its performance looks really good. To begin with, their heads have a 13.6 mm diameter, in addition to offering an impedance of 32 Ohms, reaching a frequency of 20 – 20,000 Hz.

Xiaomi noise canceling Bluetooth headphones

To this, we must add his Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, to offer a stable connection that requires a much lower energy consumption. Yes, you can move 10 meters away from the device to which you have linked this Xiaomi gadget without worrying about anything. It should also be noted that it has the standards HFP, HSP, A2DP AVRCP SDC, so you can transmit Bluetooth audio packets with greater efficiency and quality. Translated: Although they are wireless, they will sound really good.

Ms if you consider the Sony LDAC technology which incorporate these new Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones. This solution from the Japanese manufacturer promises exceptional sound thanks to your wireless audio technology, to enjoy stable connectivity and sharpness in high resolution.

Xiaomi noise canceling Bluetooth headphones

Different types of noise cancellation and up to 20 hours of autonomy

Ok, the new ones Xiaomi noise canceling Bluetooth headphones Sounds very good. But we are interested in the function to isolate ourselves from the environment. For this, the firm has opted for a hybrid noise reduction system, which allows us to choose between different modes depending on the environment in which we are. This is especially useful thanks to one of the ways, which allows us to better isolate ourselves when we suffer constant sounds. Do you travel by plane or subway regularly? Its characteristic sound is canceled.

Also, say that with the noise cancellation mode activated, it has 15 hours of autonomy. You do not need to activate this function? The new Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones perfectly reach the 20 hours of autonomy. And, what is better: in just 2 hours you will have fully charged this device through its USB Type-C output. As for the price of these wireless headphones from the manufacturer, they reach the market for 499 yuan, about 63 euros to change.

Xiaomi noise canceling Bluetooth headphones

A really interesting figure, so you have to look for distributors who ship to Spain, because these Xiaomi noise canceling Bluetooth headphones They aim very high.