This is the perfect launcher to reduce distractions with the mobile

This is the perfect launcher to reduce distractions with the mobile

Android has evolved a lot since its creation, but the desktop interface has remained quite similar over the years. Notifications have also changed and evolved, but too many times we find ourselves overexposure to them. This is just what Before Launcher seeks to avoid, a free desktop replacement that allows us to focus on essential applications.

8 main applications

The interface of this launcher is very simple. We have three sections, which make up the desk area of ​​our mobile.

  • Central zone: Here we have the eight most important applications, to be able to access them easily and quickly.
  • Right zone: Here we have the complete list of applications as well as access to the application settings.
  • Left zone: In this section we will have notifications that are not a priority, so that we see them only if we want to.

Focusing on the important

The basic idea of ​​the launcher is to give priority to those eight applications, although they may be less, bypassing all visual stimulation and showing only the name of the app. In addition, we can choose between several background colors for the interface. In the notification area we can see what has come to us even if the mobile has not vibrated or rang, being that the essence of this application.

The idea of ​​this program has been derived from books such as Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and How to Break Up with Your Phone by Catherine Price. As you can see, it is increasingly important not to be continuously aware of our phone.

In addition, it is free and has neither integrated purchases nor advertising, so if we value not being too long with the mobile in hand, perhaps we should keep an eye on it.