the cheapest xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

The three cheapest Xiaomi we recommend

One of the fundamental values ​​for which Xiaomi has become one of the most beloved manufacturers in the mass market. Its good benefits at a low price are the biggest claim, and it is that many times all we need is a cheap mobile that works well.

The cheapest Xiaomi: which ones are worth it?

On the other hand, a negative aspect of Xiaomi is that it launches so many models that they have flooded the market. Almost all are a safe bet, but there are some that stand out remarkably with the successive price drops.

If your budget is very limited, This is the top 3 cheapest Xiaomi phones that we recommend, sorted by price, with its key aspects, reasons to buy them and their analyzes so you can know them more thoroughly.

Absolutely cheap: Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

the cheapest xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

Xiaomi introduced its new Android One phones almost a year ago. The Mi A2 Lite was a successor in price of the Mi A1, and it is a very similar device with two clear improvements. It has a very good quality screen and very compact format for its price. And on the other hand, its battery is magnificent.

It is a mobile that works well, with a clean and updated version of Android and everything a basic user could demand. Its camera leaves much to be desired for more advanced users, but it is far superior to the mobiles you can find for the 130 euros to which we can find this mobile.

Who is this mobile good decision for? The Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is ideal for users who make use of applications such as WhatsApp, or social networks. It is also a good option for new smartphone users, such as teenagers or the elderly.

Power at low price: Xiaomi Mi A2

Xiaomi Mi A2

Another of the mobiles that Xiaomi presented with Android One is the Mi A2. This mobile has much more power than the Mi A2 Lite and its camera is much better. Similarly, it is a mobile with a clean and updated version of Android, with fantastic speed.

It has a series of absences regarding the Mi A2 Lite. Its battery is much worse, it does not have a headphone jack and we cannot expand the storage using microSD cards. It is also a bigger mobile, something you should consider.

Who is the Xiaomi Mi A2 for? For users who are looking for good performance and a clean version of Android, but who in turn do not use the mobile too much (if you use your mobile more than 4 hours a day you could have battery difficulties) An all-terrain mobile whenever you do not need NFC, headphone jack or expand memory with microSD cards.

The new big bestseller: Redmi Note 7

Redmi Note 7

We have mentioned that the battery of the Mi A2 Lite is magnificent, in the same way that the Mi A2 is the mobile with more power in its price. What if we wanted the power of the Mi A2 with the battery of the Mi A2 Lite? And a better quality camera?