The iPad Pro has something to recover: the Stylus

The iPad Pro has something to recover: the Stylus

Apple has introduced the iPad Pro, a gigantic 12.9-inch tablet. As always when a device comes out in technology, we usually talk about it. But to try to focus the debate on an aspect that Android users can comment on, we are going to do Special emphasis on a novelty that we found very interesting.

We do not focus on the specifications, since a very large tablet is out of the comparison. What we think is important to see is a detail that Apple has presented and that we have not seen lately on Android, either because it has not opted for it or they have forgotten about it for a while.

On Android the most powerful tablets are the Sony Xperia Tablet Z4 and the new Galaxy Tab S2. Two large, powerful tablets, with an excellent screen and with multiple accessories. However, Apple has been able to risk something else and offers us a tablet with an extra extra, a key accessory for many users and that power considerably: the stylus

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<p>Samsung prepares an 18.4 ″ tablet (take it now!) But Apple has been ahead of it in a field that completely dominates. The new iPad Pro incorporates a stylus, an Apple Pencil as they call it. A device that <strong>allows graphic designers to obtain more professional drawings,</strong> It also offers precision that is left out of our fingers.</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Samsung already introduced the Samsung Galaxy Tab Note years ago, in fact it was an exceptional tablet. However, it has not been updated for a long time. We do not doubt that in the next MWC the South Korean manufacturer will recover its Note range, however many users will see in that presentation as a copy to the iPad Pro. A pity that Samsung has left aside this year tablets with stylus, we hope that they will come back in style.

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Beyond Samsung, other manufacturers such as LG with its Pad 2 or Lenovo with the ThinkPad 10 also shyly bet on the stylus. The iPad Pro has put this accessory on the table, and Android tablets should not be ashamed to bet on it.

We find it a very useful accessory, with many applications that take advantage of it and that could give a new life to Android tablets, just what Apple is trying to achieve with this iPad Pro.

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