Some Chromecasts and speakers are disappearing from the Google Home app

Some Chromecasts and speakers disappear from the Google Home app

Smart speakers have become one of the fashion devices. Google has managed to exploit the comfort they give us, just like Amazon. However, new devices bring us new problems.

Some users are reporting that their speakers and Chromecasts do not appear in the Google Home application that the company completely redesigned to be the home control center.

We can use the speakers, but not send content from the mobile

The problem seems to occur in the Google Home app in our mobiles, which does not detect physical devices connected to the same Wifi network. And no, it is not that they have broken down or that they have disconnected from the network since users can interact with voice commands.

Some Chromecasts and speakers are disappearing from the Google Home app

The problem is that the application seems not to detect them, making it impossible to send content from the mobile to the speakers (if it is sound) or to Chromecast (sound and video).

Youtube is saved

It is curious that while normal applications can not send content to these devices, YouTube can, despite the failure in Google Home. It is also possible to send content from the speakers to Chromecast, confirming that the problem is in the mobile application, and not in the hardware of the speakers or the TV receiver.

Some users say that the problem occurs with the last update of the application, which was carried out a few days ago, but others say they have problems for much longer. Google has responded in the comments and reviews of the application in the Google Play Store, but always recommending restarting the devices or changing the connection.

It is not a massive failure but hopefully the company will take action on the matter to solve the cases in which this is a problem.