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Shazam launches its application for Mac computers

The ties between Apple and Shazam, the preferred song search application and first number one in the history of the App Store, are strengthened to such an extent that they could merge.

Apple has added the use of Shazam in the iOS 8 Beta and appears to be in the final version as part of SIRI and song recognition simply by asking the system "what song is this?". But the news today is the appearance of a new application of Shazam for our desktops, which analyze the music that sounds.

This new application will add the famous Shazam icon to the navigation bar and in the background analyze the songs and show us through a window both the songs that sound, as additional information such as song lyrics, other songs from the album and even iTunes purchases.

Shazam not only work with music songs, but also with channels and television commercials.

Of course, the application is not without controversy, since Shazam, when working in the background uses our microphone constantly to analyze the sounds. Something that for you lovers of privacy can be an inconvenience, since it could be used more than detect songs. In addition, another concern is the battery consumption of our laptops, which seems to be under control in this version 1.0.1 which occupies only 3.1 MB

Shazam for Mac is now available through the App Store (which ensures that Apple's strict controls have passed). If you are music lovers, you can not miss this great application for more time.