Samsung patents a cell phone with a retractable screen: report

Samsung patents a cell phone with a retractable screen: report


The renders created by LetsGoDigital give us a pretty clear idea of ​​the appearance of this possible phone.


Samsung obtained a patent for a new flexible cell phone very different from the controversial Galaxy Fold.

According LetsGoDigital, a reliable site for technology patents, the company has patented a cell phone with a retractable screen. The patent was filed at the end of 2018 before the KIPO the South Korean intellectual property office and was approved in May 2019.

The media took advantage of the sketches presented next to the patent to create some renders quite realistic, that let us see what the appearance of this curious design will be. As we can see both in the sketches and in the renders, the cell phone will have a flexible and retractable screen that stretches to the right and turns the phone into a tablet about 50 percent larger than the cell phone.

This same screen will be integrated back to leave the device again with the size of a common phone. To make this happen, the cell phone has some kind of mechanism that allows the phone frame to come out and extend the screen.

At the moment it is a patent so this curious model of flexible cell phone does not necessarily reach the market definitively.

The one that should arrive soon is the company's first flexible phone, the Galaxy Fold, which had to be released on April 26. However, his departure was delayed due to some problems reported by journalists that could be done with test units.

Samsung is expected to launch the phone very soon definitively since, in addition to having confirmed the changes made in the design to avoid future problems, the company is already testing in public.

While the arrival of the Fold is expected, Samsung prepares an event to present its new flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 10. The presentation will take place during an event Samsung Unpacked at the Barclays Center, in New York.

CNET in Spanish be present to tell you all the news and our first impressions of the devices that are presented.

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