Samsung has created a whole collection of GIFs to send a message to Apple and its fans

Samsung has created a whole collection of GIFs to send a message to Apple and its fans

Samsung vs Apple gifs

Imagine for a moment the most surreal situation that you have lived, then forget it because the next story we are going to tell overcomes it. As you know, Apple's iPhone allows you to send free text messages between your devices and these also appear in a different color than the rest. Although in Spain we use WhatsApp or other messenger applications, you have to put yourself in the context of the United States where SMS is still the main messenger source of the country.

In this order of things, Apple also filters different text messages sent between an iPhone and those sent by another phone, such as an Android. In this way, the messages sent between iPhones appear blue and if a green message is received, it means that the sender does not have a phone from the bitten apple. Well, Samsung has thought that this way to differentiate phones by Apple must be attacked and for that has created the strangest and possibly unnecessary advertising campaign we've seen so far.

Samsung wants you to change your iPhone for a phone of yours thanks to these GIFs

The South Korean firm Samsung knows that virtually all Americans prefer Apple over any other brand and to change this trend has decided to launch an advertising campaign through the Giphy website quite aggressive and why not say it, in bad taste.

First, it has been taken into account by the South Korean firm that users choose iPhone because when sending text messages they appear in blue. What does this mean? That any user whose text appears in green does not have an iPhone and therefore must be separated from the group and society. You don't have an iPhone = we don't love you.

Under this rather radical sphere, Samsung has released a few GiFs for Samsung phone users to answer iPhone users When the latter tell them that they have a telephone of the poor or that they do not want to join them for not having an iPhone (come on, who has not happened in real life?).

Samsung Galaxy Note10 + silver cameras

According to The Verge, the GiFs come to explain that the green bubbles are good people and the blue ones are not, that the latter can be violent and want to hurt the green ones, and therefore it is necessary to switch to Samsung phones. Green is cooler than blue.

The truth is that although Samsung is launching fantastic terminals like the Galaxy Note10, some of their advertising campaigns are leaving much to be desired. A few days ago, Samsung removed the ads in which it mocked the iPhone for having no headphone port and now launches this strange unnecessary campaign that does nothing but feed the Android vs. iOS controversy or in this case, Samsung vs. Apple .

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