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same as Crossy Road but difficult as Flappy Bird

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We all know that when something goes well copies always appear. A good idea or simply one that sells has many clones around it, as happens to Apple or, in this case, as happened to Flappy bird before they removed it from the Store.

Sometimes one of those many copies gets attention for something, either because they have managed to change an aspect that the original did not like or because they give something that the original doesn't give. This is the case of Mad Hop compared toCrossy road.

The people who are downloading this application are because they are looking for some more difficulty in the game, as it has been shown that it is not very complicated to get a few hundred points in the Crossy road.

In this new game you will have to cross ros but that s, without trunks or aids, just calculating well the jump power. We will also have to dodge animals, not only the crocodiles that can appear by the river but also rhinoceros stampedes, acrobatic whales and all kinds of species hindering our passage.

Mad hop maintains the style set in squares from its predecessor that reminds us all of Minecraft. The only hit that maybe you can put is the lack of ability to play horizontally since the vertical game is somewhat uncomfortable for me.

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What do you think of the "new version" of Crossy Road? What is your record?