Brothers in Arms 3: uno de los mejores shooters de Google Play

one of the best shooters of Google Play

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<p style=I do not consider myself a gamer, or at least not on Android devices, but it is true that I always like to have some game installed to alleviate those moments of boredom in the subway or the bus. I guess like most users. I am a person who likes to play depends on what games with a remote and on a television, but when boredom stalks, I throw whatever it takes.

The other day, searching on Google Play, Found Brothers in Arms 3, a type game shooter, which is precisely what I do not like to play on a mobile device, but I say, come on I’ll try to see how it goes. Two minutes it took me to get hooked, a whole record.

The graphics of this game are spectacular, and more if we play it on a FullHD screen. The game is set in the Second World War. Specifically in the era of landing of Normanda. Most missions are outdoors and we can enjoy brutal landscapes. Every detail is taken care of to the fullest, so in the graphic section this game does not disappoint and we will have a very good experience.

The controls are something that really threw me back, since normally on a touch screen it is difficult to get a good experience, but with a few missions you take the thread quite a bit and you won’t have much difficulty. We can move freely with a joystickLeft and pressing the screen we will direct the player’s gaze. On the right we have the firing controls, as well as the Different options of weapons and brothers. The brothers are companions who will accompany us and make history easier. All have a special capacity that we can use.7

The game is the most complete. We have a store where you can buy and improve weapons, as well as grenades, special weapons and others. The game modes are distributed in each chapter and we will not only have to complete the campaign to be able to move on to the next one, but we will also complete some of the side missions.

We will have a live chat and we can talk to people who are also playing. The good thing about this is that it classifies it by country, so we will only have messages of our own. We will have achievements, daily events, vip accounts to unlock more things and much more. As usually happens in these games, you can make star purchases and get everything in an easier way.

Finally, I can only recommend that you download it and you can judge for yourself, but I already assure you that if you have a decent device to run this type of games, you will really like the experience.

Brothers in Arms 3 | Google Play

What do you think about Android shooters? Have you tried the game?