iPhone 11: all the improvements that Apple's new phone will bring | Technology and science | Mobile

iPhone 11: all the improvements that Apple's new phone will bring | Technology and science | Mobile

After the launch of your credit card and the arrival of your destreaming service in November, Manzana is getting ready to present the new model of its emblematic smart phone, the iPhone 11, next month.

The apple company decided to take a turn towards services to counteract the each of the sales of its iconic iPhone, which still represents about 50% of your total billing.

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The Bloomberg agency has given details about Apple TV +, the streaming service of the American company, and about the innovations that bring in new iPhone, who seek to take advantage of the difficult moment that crosses one of its main competitors: Huawei.

The Bloomberg report states that the most advanced models of the new mobile will have a anti-crush system. They will come in matte finish colors that will be very much more resistant, due to the high price it costsChange the glass housing of these devices.

Manzana present, according to the agency, three models: the iPhone 11 be the successor of the iPhone XR; the iPhone 11 Pro, the 'basic' model; and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the biggest model.

The report indicates that the new devices will have a better water and dust resistance, so it is expected that they come with a certification higher than IP68, unlike Samsung Note 10, which failed to obtain it.

As for the cameras, Pro models will incorporate a wide angle lens, in addition to the possibility of adding filters, effects and reframes while recording video. It is known to incorporate a configuration of triple camera

The new equipment is expected, in addition to a new iPad model, be presented on September 10 at the annual event of Manzana.

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