iOS 13 and iPadOS: 11 of the best hidden features we discovered

iOS 13 and iPadOS: 11 of the best hidden features we discovered


IOS 13 is already emerging as a fairly important update.

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The launch of the iOS 13 and the iPadOS It is emerging as one of Apple's most interesting updates in recent times. Not only do they now have a dark mode dedicated (hooray!), but also with enhanced privacy features, a new look for Apple Maps, and you can even type with gestures on the default keyboard. Apple has already mentioned some of the most important new features, but the really exciting thing is the features you discover only after using the iOS version beta 13 for a time. In recent weeks, we have been researching iOS 13 and have discovered a set of tools not yet revealed by Apple.

Here are 11 of the best new hidden features we've found so far, from better battery charging and dual SIM card support in iMessage, to how to use a mouse to control your iPhone or iPad.

We will continue to look for news and update this publication for the duration of the beta version program. If you want to be one of the first to experience it, Here we explain how to install iOS 13 on your iPhone. If you already installed iOS 13 and want to return to iOS 12, it is also possible to do so (link in English).

optimized-battery-charging-ios-13 "data-original =" optimized-battery-charging-ios-13.jpg

The iOS 13 will help you prolong the battery life of your iPhone.

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Optimized battery charge

Routinely charging your iPhone's battery to its maximum capacity and keeping it connected in that state for long periods can damage it over time. A new option of iOS 13 is designed to help prolong the useful life of your battery by learning from your habits and preventing the battery from charging up to 100% immediately.

If you normally charge during the night while you sleep, the Optimized Battery Charging option will keep your iPhone battery 80% for most of the night, and finish with the last 20% of Charge it just before your alarm sounds.

To use this new feature, go to Settings (Settings)> Battery (Battery)> Battery health (Battery health) and actvala.

IMessage searches now really work

Searching for past messages in the iMessage application has always been terrible. It just didn't work. But that has changed. Now you can search for a single word or phrase, and the results are displayed almost instantaneously.

It is a great function. To test it, open the application, swipe the screen down to reveal the search field and type. Great, right?

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Now you can use your voice for searches in Apple applications.

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Search your iPhone using your voice

Wherever you find a search bar in Apple applications, you will notice that there is now a microphone on the far right. Touch the new cone to enter your search query by voice, instead of having to type it.

Applications such as Settings, Email, Messages and the view Today are just a few examples of where you can find the new voice search option.

ios-13-share-image-without-location "data-original =" 13-share-image-without-location.jpg

Apple continues to improve your privacy with new features on iOS 13.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani / CNET

Share photos with or without location information

Now you can delete the location information of a photo when you share it directly from the Photos application. This new option allows you to keep the geo-tag and see where the image was taken, but when you share it on social networks, emails or messages, you can delete it and keep private any information related to the location.

Select a photo (or photos) you want to share in the Photos app, then touch Options (Options) at the top of the screen and deactivate Location (Location) in the section Include (Include).

The new volume indicator is practically hidden … and that's good.

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New volume indicator

Another feature that iOS users have been asking Apple to change for a long time is the volume indicator. That is, the pop-up window that covers your screen every time you adjust the volume when you watch YouTube or Netflix.

The indicator in iOS 13 is much smaller and slides from the side of the screen. As you adjust the volume, it becomes smaller until it becomes just a small line, and is practically hidden while determining the correct volume level. Thanks Apple.

iMessage and FaceTime now offer support for dual SIM cards

Business users and international travelers would appreciate adding iMessage and FaceTime support for a second number when using two SIM cards.