How your mobile vibrates with the emoji of the Telegram heart

How your mobile vibrates with the emoji of the Telegram heart

Animated heart emoji on Telegram

Telegram updates usually advance the features that will later come to WhatsApp. Despite the success of the latter, the blue messenger app is always one step ahead in terms of operation. A clear example is represented by his stickers, much better than WhatsApp.

Version 5.10 of Telegram meant the arrival of several advances to the app: silent messages, slow mode and a very special change for the heart emoji. We give you the reason 821 to leave WhatsApp: your mobile vibrates to the beat of the Telegram heart emoji.

How your mobile vibrates with the emoji of the Telegram heart

After the success of Telegram's animated stickers, the company has encouraged turn some of the most used emojis on the platform into animations. Can you imagine what they can be? The heart, the hand with the finger up, the surprised emoji, the one who looks with contempt and the party.

If I pack one of these icons, tell me that they now have animations. For example, the surprise emoji opens and closes the eyes to show that emotion. However, the most striking is the one in the heart, which besides moving, makes your mobile vibrate to the beat of its beats.


After sending the emoji, the heart begin to move automatically, but you will have to click on it to check how your mobile starts to vibrate. If the animation stops, you just have to touch it again to play it again. That's it, you don't have to do anything else, just use the heart emoji in any chat to surprise your contacts.

If you use the heart but it has no animation, remember to update the Telegram app to have its version 5.10 or higher. One more time, Telegram returns to advance to WhatsApp by animating its emojis. How long does it take the other messenger network to "imitate" that fun function?

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