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Habitica, the app to turn your to-do list into a game

Applications to organize your list of tasks with the mobile there are many, but none like the one we are going to present in this article. Facebook's public task lists should be left aside, it's time to take advantage of all the features offered by Habitica.

That is the name of the application that joins the lists of tasks, usually boring, with a fun game that you will be hooked quickly. That's right, Habitica is the app you can convert with your pending tasks in a game to meet all your goals while having a good time.

Habitica, the app to turn your to-do list into a game

Habitica is available for free in the Play Store for Android devices. Once downloaded and installed, you should open the app to start familiarizing yourself with it. Most of the dialogues and words appear in English, although its use is simple thanks to a clear and understandable menu.

When you open the app for the first time, you will have to customize your avatar by choosing the skin color, hair, body shape and some extras. After completing this step, access the main Habitica screen. As you can see, the bottom bar It is divided into: Habits (Hbitos), Dailies (Daily Activities), To-Dos (Tasks to be done) and Rewards (Rewards). At the top you can always check the status of your character, both the health and the experience he is getting.

Habitica App 1

Of great importance is the Ms (+) button that appears in the middle from the bottom bar. If you click on it, you can add a new element of the section you are in. For example, if you are in Hbitos and select that button, the menu will open to edit a new habit and add it to the general list.

On the one hand, In Hbitos you can add both the good ones you want to keep and the bad ones What do you want to leave? From the editing window, you can choose whether it is positive or negative. In addition, you can select the difficulty of the same and its periodicity. The more habits you meet, the more gold you win for the game.

If you want to add a daily activity, the procedure is the same, although you can also set the date you want to start, its periodicity and the times you intend to do it during that time. If you fear that you will miss this task, you can always set a reminder for Habitica to notify you When the moment comes. As for the list of tasks, its operation is similar, you can add the pending tasks you have and confirm that you have finished when you have done so.

Tasks in the Habitica app

Finally, we have the Rewards menu, of great importance for the application game. Ah you can establish your own rewards, those that you will get when you fulfill the pending duties, and the price that these will cost you. Every time you want to watch a series, eat something special or play PS4, you will have to give a quantity of gold in return.

Complying with the habits, daily activities and tasks that you add to the app will allow you to gain experience, level up, and win gold coins that you can then use to buy swords, potions, helmets and other tools for clashes. In addition, they will also help you to change the appearance of your avatar.

With each level you go up, you also earn points to improve the personality of your character. From the left side menu, you can Enter Stats to see how your strength, intelligence, constitution and perception are, and choose which of them the points will go when you win them.

Habitica App 2