Google Chrome 76 hides incognito mode and automates dark mode

Google Chrome 76 improves incognito mode and automates dark mode

You can't say they are missing web browsers on Android since they exist for all tastes and needs. Although, since Chrome usually comes natively, this is the most used browser on smartphones. Google keeps it updated and with news in each version, as with the last beta of the number 76.

Google Chrome 75 in its stable version is now available for Android phones, but it is the number 76, now in beta, which claims prominence. As the official Chromium blog has, there are several attractions of the browser's latest beta; starting with the dark mode, which is already automatic and depends on the developers of each website.

The latest Google Chrome beta makes it harder for websites to detect incognito mode

Google Chrome 76 hides incognito mode and automates dark mode

Navigation in light or dark automatically. Google Image

Google is on its way to improving privacy with its Chrome browser (somewhat ironic) by introducing notable changes in the beta number 76. This version will reach steady state at the end of July, but we can already test its benefits in the beta version.

One of the novelties introduced concerns the incognito mode. This mode prevents websites from knowing user data since cookies and tracking elements are not saved between sessions. With the detection of the incognito mode, many websites protect the content so that the user cannot read it; something that with Google Chrome 76 will be much more difficult since the browser will hide private browsing.

Dark mode remains one of Google Chrome’s future values. It is still possible to activate this mode with a flag (chrome: // flags / # enable-android-night-mode), but now the dark interface will be activated on the websites prepared for it as long as the user has also activated the dark mode on their phone. Google puts the ball on the roof of web developers.

Payments through the browser are another key element of the latest beta since developers can more easily and securely implement purchases on mobile-adapted websites. Further, progressive web applications improve their execution and installation on the phone's desktop.

You can already try Google Chrome 76 in beta: Simply install this version of the browser directly from Google Play. You already know what it implies: you may still have mistakes.