Fortnite for Android begins to be compatible with mid-range phones

Fortnite for Android begins to be compatible with mid-range phones

Fortnite has been one of the great phenomena of the year, becoming one of the most popular games today. Part of that popularity comes from being compatible with almost any device, and this includes Android. The company has announced in its latest patch notes support for new mobiles that include mid-range processors.

Fortnite for Android begins to reach the mid-range

Being a game as popular and with as much income as Fortnite allows Epic Games to devote greater resources to improving the game itself. This includes not only adding new content to the game, but also working on optimizing resources. Having a better optimization allows the game can perform better with the same resources, or even begin to be compatible with lower power devices.

In the Fortnite version 7.10 patch, Epic has made several adjustments focused on improving performance. These settings should have an impact on the gaming experience for most users, But mobile users are the most benefited.

Epic has increased support for Android devices, which until today was limited to high-end mobiles, with Qualcomm 800 series processors. In the new patch, there are several devices that officially begin to be compatible on Android. Specifically, the specific improvements of Fortnite in mobile are the following:

  • The 2017 iPad Pro are already able to run the game at 60 images per second.
  • Mobile phones with Snapdragon 670 processor can now play Fortnite for Android. This includes mobiles such as the Oppo R17 or Vivo Z3.
  • Mobile phones with Snapdragon 710 processor can now play Fortnite for Android. Mobile phones such as the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, the new Nokia 8.1 or the Oppo R17 Pro add to the list of compatible devices.
  • The Samsung Galaxy A9 is already compatible with Fortnite for Android.

Perhaps the most prominent case in the list of compatible devices is the Samsung Galaxy A9. This mobile stands out for having a processor Snapdragon 660, inferior to the new processors with support. Does this mean that phones such as the Xiaomi Mi A2, Nokia 7 Plus or BQ Aquaris X2 Pro will be officially compatible with Android?

Not everything is a matter of processor, and already in its first month of Android, the boys of Epic were dedicated to explain it. They explained that the collaboration with Samsung was not only by processor, but that part of the performance is given by the driver support. The support of the Galaxy A9 indicates that it is possible that it also reaches other mobiles with 660, but surely they require more time.