Download the new Call of Duty for Android, an awesome game

Download the new Call of Duty for Android, an awesome game

It is one of the most eagerly awaited games, especially among all fans of SPF on mobile And is that Call of duty It is a true eminence in computers and consoles with some scuffle in smartphones; Diving that left a little to be desired, at least in what one might expect from an authentic COD. Well, prepare your mobile, because Call of Duty: Legends of War it's here.

This title of Activision and Tencent It manages to transfer to the touch screen what we already enjoyed on the big screen. Identical essence, devilish gameplay, fierce fighting and a huge arsenal of weapons that will please every fan of the saga. The problem? That is not yet officially available throughout the Google Play Store, only in Australia. Although you can imagine what happens with the «soft launches«: Apk does not take long to distribute.

To play Call of Duty: Legends of War both Apk and Obb files are needed: the content package that the game must download once it is first connected to the Internet. Since the package is very heavy our recommendation is that you download the game using the excellent UpToDown application: it is safe and you will not have any complications to install the latest Call of duty on your mobile

High graphic quality, good playability and considerable size maps

Download the new Call of Duty for Android, an awesome game

As we said, this Call of Duty: Legends of War It is just what is expected of a title with these characteristics. It's freemium, maybe this is the only catch: the game puts some pressure on purchases. Without that being an impediment to play it since you have access to all the fun and competitiveness without spending a cent.

Multiplayer online game with various game modes, such as Free4All, Team Deathmatch or Frontline. We also have at our disposal some of the familiar characters of the saga, such as Price or Ghost. The aesthetics is also recognizable and the controls … Well, they are as comfortable as a touch screen allows: in more than one moment of the game you will find it difficult to control it completely. At least until you take some practice, of course.

Download the new Call of Duty for Android, an awesome game

Call of Duty: Legends of War It works perfectly with two drawbacks: it is currently in English (it is expected that when it is distributed worldwide it will be translated into Spanish) and the servers are not yet ready for global overload. This implies that there may be times when you can't play online, something logical given the beta condition that the game still has.

How to install Call of Duty: Legends of War on your Android mobile

The moment of the truth has come. How to download and play the new Call of duty? Since it is not possible to download directly from Google Play, and that the servers do not allow the download of the game data beyond Australia, you must first install the Apk and then upload the Obb file to the mobile. It is somewhat cumbersome, but we have the easiest way to facilitate the process:

  • Download and install the UpToDown application. It is a completely safe Apk.
  • Starts Uptodown and accept the terms of use.
  • Search Call of Duty: Legends of War or click on the top banner if it is still on the cover.
  • Click on «Install»And UpToDown will handle the entire process. Download the Apk, Obb data, install the game and then the file with all the content. You just have to worry about playing.