Chinese mobile phones are the best of the year for experts

Chinese mobile phones are the best of the year for experts

Huawei P30 Pro charging base

As another Thursday we come with a new episode of the only podcast dedicated exclusively to the world of Android. If last week we talked with Juan Antonio of the YouTube channel Urban Tecno who taught us his techniques and secrets to become a successful youtuber, Today we will analyze which have been the best phones of the year for the Association of Experts in Image and Sound.

The Association of Experts in Image and Sound has celebrated as every year the EISA awards in which the best technology products of the year are voted and rewarded. With regard to mobile devices, a total of four different phones have been awarded among which neither brands such as Samsung or Apple appear and that confirm a reality, the Chinese phones send.

The best phones of 2019 for experts? Discover it in our new episode of Connecting

Blue color of the OnePlus 7 Pro

Made in China is no longer scary and that is not only demonstrated by the number of phones sold with this origin, but also because It is the Chinese telephones that are receiving all the awards and prizes of the present year.

In our episode today we will discover the “best” phones of 2019 for experts –Spoiler: they are all Chinese–, we will analyze these awards and see if our opinion coincides with that of EISA. To a greater abundance we will answer many of the questions that you have left us on social networks, almost all of them in relation to the new Xiaomi phone, the Mi 9T Pro.

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