Gear Jack BH: un juego de plataformas que te enganchará

a platform game that will hook you

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Normally I don't usually play much on Android, since it costs to find a good game that doesn't make you heavy when you play it several days. But whenever I find something good and with the characteristics that I mentioned I like to share it with everyone.

The game that I bring you today, I met him searching on Google Play, and the truth is that I never thought that a platform game could vitiate me so much. One thing I want to say, is that with this game I have not discovered the fire, since surely many know it, but if it is not so, then here I play a pretty cool and fun game.

As I said it is a game which I will classify as platforms, but in Google Play we have it in the adventure section, which I also understand. The dynamics of the game is quite simple, it is about a character who runs away from a cave. We have to control this character trying to avoid the many obstacles that are found along his way – which has no end -.

Character advance alone and we will have the controls of jump, crouch and slow down the race. The controls are well placed on the screen and there will be no problems to make mistakes. Even with a single button to jump we will have several types of jump, since depending on how long we press the button it will do it in one way or another, and if we press it twice in a row we will have a double jump which is quite necessary when we go into the game.

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Unlike the games by style that we can find, this It has many obstacles and trapsthat we will have to overcome, which makes it even more addictive, since we never know which one we will encounter. Also note that the game not only moves in a single scenario, since we will jump between the different worlds what's wrong with it. This is decided by the game, but it does not make it monotonous, not to mention that in each world we will have different obstacles. As most games like that, the goal is to get the highest score.

Comment that we can dress our character As we like, that is, it will cost each dress and posture that we want to give our little adventurer. But not only can we spend the gears on clothes, but we will also have different powers that we can improve to be polishing the character and that little by little we can move forward more in the game. I personally loved this game and it remains installed on my device as one of the best and most addictive. Also say that we can play it practically on any device. since it is not a game that requires a lot of graphic power.

Finally I will leave you a video so you can see the gameplay and everything I talk about.

Gear Jack BH | Google Play

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