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WhatsApp helps you not to make a mistake in contact when sending a photo

Sending messages using smartphones has become a form of mass communication. This was already the case with emails but instant messaging applications have taken it to another level.

WhatsApp knows that this makes the mistakes we can make accentuate and multiply so it has implemented some functions to minimize them, such as being able to delete a message from a chat.

Now you have updated the trial version of your application, which we can install in a simple way, with another function in that line.

WhatsApp tells you who you are going to send a photo to

WhatsApp helps you not to make a mistake in contact when sending a photo

When we send an image we can do it from a contact's chat or from a group's chat, but we can also do it from the mobile gallery. If we do it from this last way we will have to choose the contact to which it goes and that is where sometimes we are mistaken.

Therefore, in the latest version of WhatsApp a text will appear in the lower left corner in which we are told the person to whom that photo will be sent.

This text appears in the interface of the application in which we can put a text that accompanies the image, a caption, and we will see it just before hitting the green arrow-shaped button used to send the file.

It will be used for photographs and images, but also for GIFs and videos.

If you want to try this function and have it in your user profile you simply have to install the beta version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store and update if you already have it.