Use the Google Assistant to find out where you have parked

Use the Google Assistant to find out where you have parked

A few months ago, Google began implementing a very useful function on Google Maps, which served to point out where we had left the car parked. This function was and came again and is currently implemented in the location icon, the blue dot.

Silently Google has synchronized this function with its assistant, making its use even easier, simply pointing it out with one voice command and consulting it with another.

Parking in the Google Assistant

To add the place where we have parked we must tell the assistant the following:

  • «OK Google, I have parked on Luna 24 Street.»

Obviously we must say the exact address, or, if we are on the site, say:

  • «OK Google, I have parked here.»

If what we want is to know where we left the car when we need to take it, the question is obvious:

  • "OK Google, where have I parked the car?"

We will be shown a map with the location where you were when you parked (not with the parking address) and if we click on it we can walk there following the navigation instructions.

In the future it will be even easier

Following this line of action, Google is teaching the assistant to know where we have parked automatically. In this way it will not be necessary to write it down manually, but the system will know where the car is because it will recognize that we have gone from going in this vehicle to walking.

The problem is that you could also activate this function if we use an Uber or if someone takes us in your car, since there is no way to distinguish whether the car is ours or not.

Google has already implemented this feature in Google Maps five years ago but deleted it, possibly for reasons like this. It seems that now it activates it again although for a few users since the massive deployment has not yet occurred.

In any case, and as in the case we told you in the previous section, the location saved in Google Maps and Google Assistant is the same, so there will be no contradiction.