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This is the future update based on Android 10 »ERdC

This is the future update based on Android 10 »ERdC

Samsung is preparing a new update of your One UI system and details have been leaked.

The news of One UI 2.0

First we have new gestures, these now work identically with Regarding Android 10.

We will also have the quick options, these now occupy much of the screen, being much more visible than in the first version of One UI.

Security options

One UI

One UI

We also have new security options, for example, we have a new option called "Local" just above the privacy options.

New features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

To conclude with part of the novelties of the second version of One UI we have a curious function.

Samsung has apparently added to the S10 the option of "Link to Windows" as with Note 10.

Can we trust this leak?

While it may sound that we may be facing a hoax, a minor detail makes us think that this is One UI 2.0 and that ROM is legitimate.

We talked about a notification, the SecurityLogAgent appears promptly in the notifications.

This only appears in the ROMs They are going through a trial status, not in the final versions.

One UI 2.0 is a ROM more similar to stock of Android

The slide show requires JavaScript.

As we can appreciate the new version of One UI adopt certain features of Android stock

Which is always welcome. in any customization layer from the manufacturer that is.