The Mi A series places Xiaomi as the leading brand (and by far) on Android One

The Mi A series places Xiaomi as the leading brand (and by far) on Android One

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<p>The Xiaomi Mi A family has been among us for a few years now, and has given us some of the terminals that, personally, I have recommended most to family and friends. The <strong>Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi A2</strong> They arrived with good specifications, a clean and updated Android thanks to Android One, and an attractive price.</p>
<p>The success they have achieved during these years <strong>has made Xiaomi the world's leading reference in Android One</strong>. Thanks to a publication on Twitter we can check the impressive superiority of the Chinese firm.</p>
<h2>The Mi A have no rival in Android One</h2>
<p>The official Xiaomi India account has been in charge of publishing some graphics on Twitter. With them we can understand in a simple way <strong>the impressive numbers harvested by the Mi A family over the past few years</strong>. As noted in the publication, more than 10 million series devices have been sold worldwide.</p>
<p>The Xiaomi Mi A1, which was released in 2017, <strong>it became the most sold Android One device of that year</strong>. For its part, the Xiaomi Mi A2 <strong>You will see the light a year later, repeating success</strong> and far exceeding Nokia and Motorola devices.</p>
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# MiA1 and # MiA2 are the best selling #AndroidOne smartphones in the world. Weve sold more than 10Mn units of the Mi A-series worldwide.

Its time for the # 48MPAndroidOne to take the legacy forward.

Make some noise, #My fans. #Xiaomi

– Mi India for #MiFans (@XiaomiIndia) August 21, 2019

The Xiaomi Mi A3, which you can buy in Spain for a month, is the successor of the successful protagonists. The 6-inch HD + screen with which it has been a subject of controversy for its resolution, but the Mi A3 still maintains the essence of its predecessors, Android One and an attractive price. The Chinese firm continues to break records and overcrowded with large percentages of sales, we will have to wait a few months to see if the Mi A3 returns to occupy the throne.

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