Rovio desvela la fecha de salida de Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio reveals the departure date of Angry Birds Transformers

Promotional image of Angry Birds TransformersIt seems that Rovio is still trying to squeeze the chicken from the golden eggs. A clear example of this is the impending launch of the new title of the fruitful franchise Angry Birds: Angry Birds Transformers, whose release date has finally been revealed.

Now, three months after its official announcement, we can already know first-hand mechanics to employ, in addition to many other details. Based on what we can see in its first trailer, we can frame Anry Birds Transformers within the gendershootem up.

As it happened in Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Go !, and the recent Angry Birds Stella, in Angry Birds Transformers the Finnish developer returns to get away from the standards how good results they have obtained, betting on a new game dynamic. In the title that binds us, we will have to move from one side of the screen to the other trying to destroy the structures in which the evil Deceptihogs are.

As Rovio herself has confirmed, Angry Birds Transformers will debut in Finland and New Zealand and then arrive in Canada and Australia.Finally, their worldwide launch will take place: on October 15, be available for iOS, while I don't want to be until October 30 when it’s on Google Play.

How not, as soon as we can put the glove on we will bring you our first impressions. What do you think of this new game in the Angry Birds saga?

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