Q12 the game with which to take 250 euros daily

Q12 Trivia, the Spanish app with which you earn 250 euros daily

The premises of Q12 Trivia are as simple as addictive. Quote us every night at 10pm to ask 12 questions with three possible answers and 10 seconds to decide. Your task will be to reach the last question and choose the right option from three possibilities. If you are able to answer all of them correctly you can earn 250 euros daily and up to a thousand on weekends.

Q12 the game with which to take 250 euros daily

Simple rules for a game that is sweeping. Daily the app gathers more than 100 thousand people who struggle to take a succulent prize. A contest of American origin that It is celebrated live and with its own presenters. A feeling completely immersive and that can have multiple winners. If, like you, other contestants manage to arrive and hit the 12th question, the prize will be distributed among the winners.

A television show taken to our mobile devices

The competition has managed to get hold of a large group of faithful who daily click on the notification of 10:00 pm that reminds us that everything starts shortly. Mmore than 100 thousand contestants you will compete with and that, although there are many, they disappear galore question by question. And if you "palms" in any, do not worry, the show goes on and You can stay there to see it.

What we do let you know is that there are questions in which more than half of contestants fall. Yes, as in any contest, the initial questions are easy but the demand is increasing. A really fun challenge to disconnect before going to sleep.

Q12 the game with which to take 250 euros daily

And, although it's fun, His main claim is the money you can take each night. 250 euros that are not bad at this time and that are accumulating in case there is no firm deserving of the prize. The same happens on Sundays but with a higher figure. On the last day of the week we have the option of getting 1000 euros which, like during the week, also It accumulates if there is no winner.

Notifications that remind us how hooked we are

It is difficult to escape the clutches of this interactive and very televised video game. Your notifications tempt us and we ended up pressing to try my luck. A little extra money, whenever it is, does not hurt. Surely we are not the only ones who think "I was not going to play but what if I win today?"

Extra lives to stay in the game and come back to life

Twelve questions seem few but nerves can play tricks on us. Slapping it halfway gives as much anger as wanting to press the wrong answer. In case the second happens to you, the patch is as simple as clicking on the correct one. You won't have much room for maneuver because ten seconds don't go far. The game system should give the contestants little time so that they don't even give us time to open Google and write the question.

Q12 the game with which to take 250 euros daily

And the frustration can be even greater if you try to take the prize every day, peak shovel to be among the lucky winners And how to improve the streak? The rules of the game allow you to increase your chances of winning through lives. A heart that will appear at the top of your screen and that you can get by sharing the app among your friends.

Invite again and again

If you get another person to open a profile and start playing, both you and he will receive an extra life. Although you can accumulate them without problems, you can only use one per program and excluding the final question. From here we recommend that you always have one available. Being touching the goal and making a mistake is a nuisance that can be avoided.

Q12 the game with which to take 250 euros daily

Questions left by K.O to half of the contestants

The tension will go with you throughout the game and increases when you know that There are certain questions that leave more than half of the participants out of the game. Thousands and thousands of users that do not succeed and that, when you are not among them, a satisfaction difficult to describe invades you.

Complex questions in which we must decide quickly. The "Killer Questions" raise the tension

The disaster is such that the platform uses the term «Question Killer» every time he eliminates more than half of the contestants. Something that happens program by program and several times. A good time to bring out those extra lives that can come so well.