Bringing our grain of sand ...

Make the most of food with these applications

Throughout the day a huge amount of food is thrown away, either for aesthetic reasons or for not having been consumed in due time. This situation is not admissible in full 2019 and even less in an era in which we live surrounded by technology.

Why not use such technology? We live in the era of social networks, interconnection and democratization of communication. What better idea than to put our smartphone to work and thus contribute a grain of sand to this great food problem.

Bringing our grain of sand …

Bringing our grain of sand ...

There are several applications that address the great waste of food we are attending. From those that tell you how to use the ingredients we have at home, thus avoiding having to throw them away. Going through the places that put on the map places where there are leftover foods that we can take advantage of, reaching a kind of neighborhood social network in which to help each other.


The great premise of Olio is that of not throw anything, either food or household items that you don't use. And its operation can not be easier, we take a picture, we fill in the data necessary and we can already distribute it Everything that comes to us.

Thanks to this simple gesture we can both get rid of what we do not use or prevent them from going to waste without remedy. In the reverse situation, we will find foods that can be ideal for our dinner or lunch. Or discover that object you were looking for and you couldn't get it.


There are countless times when we don't know what to cook, we search in the kitchen and see food without knowing how to join them. Thanks to our next application we can make succulent dishes, using what was destined to the shadows of the corner furniture.

We also have the option of customize the types of dishes according to our diet e tell you our allergies. Putting at our disposal a diverse range of recipes, from vegan, gluten-free or those fast and delicious dishes.


We not only waste food users, restaurants and food distribution centers are detached Every day of huge amounts. Putting solution to this big problem, the following application will tell us where there is last minute deals for food intended for rejection.

Using geolocation we can discover those places where we can find these rejected foods. Which remain fit for human consumption, but they are about to expire or are a surplus that nobody has consumed. An option to keep an eye on, of course.

Do you have salt

When all this was countryside, people had closer relationships with those who lived in the same building or neighborhood. Today, however, in a hyperconnected society, in a high percentage we don't know the name of our neighbors. The next application comes to return those old days.

Covering a wider spectrum than the previous applications, here we can not only establish common interests or events related to food. We can also create groups to water the plants, walk the pets or the typical question of Do you have salt?