Galaxy Note10 iFIxit

iFixit suspends Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G in reparability with a 3 out of 10

Galaxy Note10 iFIxit

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 will undoubtedly be one of the best phones of 2019. Not only do we say it in our first impressions which can be consulted below, but also all those who have been able to try it before it is officially put on sale.

Of course, almost all the media and journalists who have been able to prove it have agreed on the same thing: a magnificent performance, a spectacular camera and a beautiful design. Now, iFixit – the experts in repairing mobile phones – wanted to go one step further and they have dared to disassemble the terminal in order to give an assessment about whether it is simple or not to repair this large device. Curiosity?

Do not do it on your own: the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G suspends in repair

iFixit has used the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G for this operation. With this in mind and with the difference of some small details like the 5G antenna, the rest of the components and their distribution remain identical in all versions.

Well, in view of the dismantling … our joy in a well. If we thought that repairing the Samssung Galaxy Note10 was going to be a simple task, you swim further from reality. iFixit suspends in reparability with a 3 out of 10 note to the Samsung Galaxy Note10 – at least to the + 5G version – mentioning that not only the device is difficult to open and repair, but also that to access such common elements as the battery or the screen, a complete disassembly of the device must be carried out with the risk that that entails.

In summary, for iFxit the negative points of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G They are as follows:

  • All repairs begin with the thorough decoupling of your fragile rear glass lid.
  • Replace the battery is (sic) “Harder than ever”.
  • Common screen repairs require the complete terminal disassembly.

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It is understandable to understand that phones are increasingly more complex devices and with more and more elements and functions so repair is only available to the most experts. Despite this, this Samsung Galaxy Note10 looks very good and it sure delights all its owners … as long as we do not have to take it to repair.

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